Mike Beyer

LINCOLN - Traction is trying to be gained for LB 263 so it can be advanced to the full Unicameral in the Nebraska Legislature.

During a virtual news conference hosted by the Platte Institute Tuesday, Senator Tom Briese said the bill would provide universal recognition of licensing, work experience, and certifications earned in other states and the military.

Briese said if the bill passes, it could have a very positive impact on the state.

"We have a workforce shortage for sure and crisis according to some folks. We talk about growing our state and attracting residents and this bill could help us in those efforts. I say the impact it would have on our state is nothing but positive."

Mike Beyer, a Bridgeport native who served as a Construction Electrician in the Navy talked about how the bill would help him.

Current state law says his military training and certification only counts for one of the four years needed to apply for his journeyman Electrician’s license even though he has more experience than that, but the experience wasn’t gained in Nebraska.

In other news

OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Nebraska officials said they will stop distributing Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine while federal officials investigate six reports of people experiencing blood clots after receiving that shot, including one case in the state.