Midwest Hemp Forum

DAVID CITY - Farmers now have the option to grow industrial hemp after lawmakers and Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts approved it.

Colin Fury, a representative of the Midwest Hemp Forum says it’s now up to them to educate farmers about the different market applications and the prosperity Nebraska farmers can see through hemp production.

Fury says they had a forum in David City Tuesday where 125 to 150 people showed up to hear from different speakers and they’re set to host another forum on August 16th in Pilger.

Dr. Allen Jenkins, who was one of the speakers and is an Economics Professor at the University of Nebraska at Kearney says industrial hemp is the next big thing in agriculture.

"There are opportunities in advancement of production techniques, processing techniques, and seed genetics. Also for the community, there's real opportunities here for small scale businesses that will be competitive."

Fury says the deadline to apply and grow hemp legally ends Friday, but they’re hoping to get an extension to that deadline because some farmers are saying the State Patrol is taking longer than the deadline to do required background checks.

He says more information will soon be released on the August 16th forum in Pilger at HempFarmersForum.Com.

In other news

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