Mark Palm

PAPUA NEW GUINEA - Since 2010, one man, his aviation crew, and medical staff have helped save thousands of lives.

Mark Palm from southern California and his Samaritan Aviation team provide the villagers of Papua New Guinea with free life flights to the only hospital within 700 miles.

Palm tells News Talk WJAG much of the population is infected with numerous diseases and even polio is starting to come back.

He says the Papua New Guinea people are thankful for their help.

"I've been thanked in many ways from papayas, pineapples, bird eggs, birds, pigs. These people are very thankful and they show that by giving what they can. It's always an exciting thing to go back and visit a patient in a village that has been saved."

Palm says they will soon be expanding their operation into the Western Province of Papua New Guinea which is about 250 miles away from where they’re at now.

He says they’ve purchased another plane and are looking for monetary help as well as physical help.

To view life-saving stories or to donate visit SamaritanAviation.Org.

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