2019 Madison County Commissioners

MADISON - The Madison County Board of Commissioners had a special meeting Friday afternoon to continue reviewing the 2019-2020 fiscal year budget.

Commissioner Troy Uhlir kicked it off and said there will be an increase of .26 percent in the general fund.

Uhlir said they decided to push all major road and bridge projects into the FAS budget starting with the $1.6 million Benjamin Avenue project that will be bid September 12th.

"Old Hadar Road we backed down to the worst mile which is the north mile. We're going to need to do some work over in Tilden with bank stabilization to save that bridge. As for bituminous surfacing we were at 12 miles, but we figured out we could do three more miles of that next year."

Uhlir said since they pushed all of the projects into FAS the property tax requirement went to $5 million so the bond debt will be $728,000 at a 2.5 percent interest rate.

At the previous regular meeting the commissioners had agreed to set the property tax levy at 38 cents and it didn’t change at the Friday meeting.

The board also set a hearing date for September 4th for the budget and adoption of the property tax request.

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