Madison County Courthouse

MADISON - The Madison County Board of Commissioners agree budget talk is hitting at a poor time this year due to the way the economy is from the coronavirus pandemic.

At the meeting Tuesday, Chairman Troy Uhlir said they need to collectively come together and make sure this year of all years, that they are being as fiscally conservative as possible and that the levy dollar amount actually matches up to what the budget is.

"A lot of time you throw a levy number out there and the valuation could be higher or lower. The levy amount dictates what people are going to pay in taxes, the valuation doesn't tell you anything. If every county office could be fiscally conservative with their budgets this year, we can kind of control what that valuation turns into for tax dollars."

Uhlir said they’re going to ask that the various county office budgets be froze, but keep a two percent wage increase for employees.

County Clerk Anne Pruss said the only county department over on their budget this year is data processing.

A resolution to move $1,146 from the miscellaneous fund to data processing was unanimously approved.

The budget needs to be submitted by August 20th.

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