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Back in June, the National High School Athletic Coaches Association named Norfolk Catholic head football coach Jeff Bellar its National Coach of the Year.The Norfolk Catholic community clearly wants to make sure coach Bellar understands how proud of him they are.

MADISON - Madison voters will go to the polls Tuesday, July 19th for a special recall election of Mayor Alvin Brandl. According to our news-gathering partners with the Norfolk Daily News, the Madison City Council set the date at a special session Thursday that was prompted when Madison Count…

WASHINGTON, DC - The U-S Senate is again considering a ban on packer ownership of livestock, something that worries Al Juhnke, head of the Nebraska Pork Producers Association.

NORFOLK - Construction workers won’t break ground until 2017, but the City of Norfolk’s Engineering Division is asking for your input for the reconstruction of East Norfolk Avenue from 1st to Cottonwood Streets that includes the restructuring of a nearly 100-year-old bridge.

ANTELOPE COUNTY - An Antelope County grand jury has concluded that no criminal conduct occurred during a January 9th incident near Clearwater, in which authorities believe a 22-year-old Norfolk man died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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