Sacred Heart Parish

NORFOLK - A number of local churches have reopened since closing in-person services due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Father Pat McLaughlin says the parishes of Sacred Heart in Norfolk, St. Peter in Stanton, and St. Leonard in Madison resumed regular Mass schedule this past weekend.

McLaughlin says they have taped off a lot of the seating areas to maintain social distancing and parishioners respected that.

He says this is a new situation for everyone.

"Some parishes are opting to ask people to go to certain Sunday liturgies based on their name and the alphabet we might be looking at something like that as more and more people decide to congregate. We're also giving people the option to attend daily masses. On Wednesdays at Sacred Heart, at both our morning Mass and our evening Mass, we're trying to reserve that time for those people who are elderly or who have underlying health conditions."

McLaughlin says regular updates will continue to be provided, and they’ll also continue to live stream the Mass services for those choosing to stay home.

In other news

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