Tree Bud Program

Pictured with Mayor Moenning: Andrew McCarthy, Owner DTT and Brandon Kluender, General Manager DTT

NORFOLK - Trees are very important to the ecosystem and also help make a community look better.

A local business, District Table and Tap gets that which is why they donated one dollar from every pint of any Divots beer sold Monday through Thursday during the month of July to the City of Norfolk’s Tree Bud Program.

Parks and Recreation Director Pat Mrsny says it’s very nice District did that for the program.

"I didn't see it coming, but I think the mayor might have had a hand in that a little bit. I think it's great and creates some awareness of the program. It'll be a nice addition."

Mrsny says Norfolk residents can also support the program by contacting the City of Norfolk and telling them you want to add two dollars to your water bill every month, which will then go to the program.

He says they haven’t done a tree planting project yet as trees are very expensive, but they’re getting ready to do one.

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