Endangered Species Act

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Congressional Western Caucus last week introduced 19 bills that would update and modernize the Endangered Species Act.

Ryan Yates, American Farm Bureau Federation Congressional Relations Director, says the ESA needs updating.

Yates says there are a number of changes that are rightfully deserved as the last time the Endangered Species Act was updated was 1988.

He says farmers and ranchers need changes that make the ESA easier to implement.

“We were thrilled that this group of lawmakers have come together to identify a number of real solutions to focus and prioritize on simple changes that can make the Endangered Species Act work better for not only species, but ultimately for state and local governments, landowners, farmers, ranchers, that are looking for ways to make the Endangered Species Act work well for them.”

Yates says ultimately, the updates will make the ESA more effective and easier to manage.

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