Nebraska Legislature 2020

LINCOLN - The Nebraska Legislature is looking to learn more about large power outages the state experienced a few weeks ago due to extreme cold.

Senator Tim Gragert of Creighton said Legislative Resolution 48 was introduced by Senator Bruce Bostelman, Chair of the Natural Resources Committee last week.

"The purpose of the legislative resolution is for the legislature to gain more information, order to understand the reasons for, and circumstances surrounding, the interruptions in electricity to Nebraska residents. A public hearing on LR 48 will be held on March 3rd."

Gragert said Senator Justin Wayne introduced LR 49 which focuses on the natural gas shortages and increases in price during the cold weather spell.

As for other bills, he said LR 237 was introduced which would exempt social security benefits from the Nebraska income tax. A public hearing was also held on LB 115 that would eliminate the sales tax exemption on candy and soft drinks.

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