United Food and Commercial Workers International Union

WASHINGTON D.C. - The United Food and Commercial Workers Union is asking for the reinstatement of hazard pay for its workers, who they say are on the frontlines in facing COVID-19.

Marc Perrone is the International President and says the food and commercial workers face more risk than the rest of society.

“These workers have borne all the risk, they work every day, and they interact with millions of Americans while millions of us have been able to stay at home. But, because of the significant threat that COVID-19 poses to these workers, the UFCW has been determined to lead and speak out in favor of significant steps to protect them.”

Perrone says the union is asking some of the country’s biggest employers to reinstate hazard pay, along with other mandates to keep workers on the frontlines safe from COVID-19.

He says there needs to be a mandate that would ensure that all frontline workers, union and non-union alike, receive hazard pay for as long as they must endure the threat posed by this virus in this pandemic.

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