Ricketts Hunting and Fishing Proclamation

LINCOLN - Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts has proclaimed Saturday as National Hunting and Fishing Day in Nebraska.

Ricketts made that proclamation Monday during a press conference at the state capitol.

He said hunting and fishing isn’t only part of the state’s heritage, but it’s also a big deal economically.

"When we think about all of the hunters and anglers that come to our state, they spend about $1 billion a year which is about one percent of our state's economy and it creates about 12,000 jobs. It really is something that helps contribute to our overall economy in our state and of course, we've got a great place for people to come to."

Ricketts said Nebraska has been called the mixed bag capitol of the Great Plains, meaning there are plenty of animals to hunt and fish to catch.

Greg Wagner, a 40-year veteran with the Nebraska Game and Parks spoke and invited seasoned hunters to participate in the Take ‘Em Hunting Challenge and take someone hunting who hasn’t been in a while.

For more information about the challenge go to OutdoorNebraska.Org.

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