Laura Ebke

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OMAHA - Job licensing review is one topic that’s on a former Nebraska senator’s mind.

That former senator is Laura Ebke who is also the author of the new Platte Institute report “Job Licensing: Questions You Should Ask”.

Ebke says the guide is adapted from a previously released publication by The Council on Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation.

"I wanted to condense this into something that would be usable for our own state legislators to understand what was important as they not only look at LB 299 or the Occupational Board Reform Act reviews that started this summer, but I also wanted to give them something that they could look at when they ask questions about whether or not they should add new licensing when someone comes to them."

Ebke says LB299 was adopted in 2018 as the Occupational Board Reform Act and took effect on July 1st.

She says that act will require the legislature’s standing committees to review 20 percent of the state’s professional licensing laws each year in a continuous five year cycle.

Ebke says the decision to regulate occupations, or deregulate them, should be a result of careful consideration of public safety and health.

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