First Lady Susanne Shore

NORFOLK - A statewide initiative was highlighted at a Business After Hours event Wednesday night at U.S. Bank in downtown Norfolk.

First Lady Susanne Shore discussed Bring Up Nebraska, which seeks to reduce entry into higher-end care systems by increasing community support for children and families.

Shore said local communities are best situated and most motivated to understand their own needs and strengths.

"When you go to the government they are mostly concerned about crisis. Also the government is always going to be short term focused, and I'm talking four to eight year increments which is an election cycle" Shore said.

"When an election occurs leadership changes, but so does vision and priorities" Shore added.

She said the Norfolk Family Coalition is a great example of the community working together to improve the lives of those in need.

"Madison County is the shining jewel that we talk about. You guys are already making differences like significant decreases in teen births, and an increase in the number of third grade children who are proficiently reading, which is a huge benchmark for success later on" Shore explained. 

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