FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Scientists and doctors across the world are working fast to develop a drug or vaccine that treats COVID-19.

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn says he’s very optimistic about the development of an FDA approved treatment.

Hahn says there’s been a lot of talk about a drug called Remdesivir, but it’s an investigative drug as it hasn’t received formal approval from the FDA for safety and effectiveness.

"What it has received is something called emergency use authorization. When a public health emergency hits, like COVID-19, there may be and typically is an urgent need for medical products to diagnose, treat, or prevent the disease. In that situation, we have the authority to use a special type of authorization called emergency use."

Hahn says there are more than 144 clinical trials underway to determine if there are any drugs out there that are effective and safe.

He says he doesn’t know when there will be a treatment, but a lot of great work is in progress.

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