WEST POINT - Robocalls are becoming more prevalent in society, and unfortunately some people fall into the scams.

You can learn more information about robocalls and address calls you’ve received to Federal Communications Commission education specialists at town halls across Nebraska the next couple of days.

Director of Media Relations for the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau Mike Snyder says spoofers try to scam you a variety of ways.

"They might pretend to be a business you do business with, a government agency, or more often they'll just be spoofing a local number with your area code so you pick it up."

Snyder says the first stop they’ll make will be in West Point Tuesday afternoon at 3 at the John A. Stahl Library.

He says they’ll be in Fremont Wednesday and that event will feature panelists from AARP, the State Attorney General’s Office, and Nebraska Public Utilities Commission.

For more information or other tour stops visit FCC.Gov.

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