American Farm Bureau

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The American Farm Bureau Federation says now is the time to show support for the bipartisan Broadband Data Improvement Act.

The legislation would improve the accuracy of broadband coverage maps and better direct federal funds for broadband buildout.

Cody Lyon, AFBF managing director of advocacy and political affairs, says the need for rural broadband is strong.

“Broadband is a critical pathway to help farmers and ranchers achieve many of the essential modern agricultural needs. Having appropriate and adequate access to broadband helps them be more efficient, helps them be more economical, helps them be more responsible to the environment, just helps them be better at their job.”

Lyon says the bill would change the mapping of rural areas to more adequately show the lack of rural broadband.

Farmers and ranchers can tell lawmakers how critical improved broadband coverage is at FB.Org/Advocacy.

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