Environmental Protection Agency

WASHINGTON D.C. - In 2015, the Obama administration disbanded the EPA’s Farm, Ranch and Rural Communities Committee. Five years later, the Trump administration is bringing it back.

Carrie Meadows, EPA’s agriculture advisor says President Trump has been really clear about the administration’s commitment to agriculture and rural America, and this is part of that commitment.

A group of 33 individuals will provide a first-hand look at how EPA’s decisions will impact rural America.

"[We will] hear their input and look at their recommendations of how we can contribute to work with them. Farmers are the original conservationists—they live off the land. They want to be good stewards of the land, air and water. They are a natural partner here at EPA.”

Meadows says these individuals could address a variety of issues such as water and air quality issues, pesticides, food loss and waste, and emergency response.

She hopes meetings will begin late summer or early fall, whether in person or virtually.

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