Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

WISNER - With the amount of coronavirus cases trending downward in Nebraska, the Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department is evaluating its response.

Emergency Response Coordinator Melanie Thompson says their health director Gina Uhing was recently in Lincoln giving an after-action report on how it went this first time around.

Thompson says at this point, the health department is trying to ramp things up and get ready for a second wave of the virus.

"We are looking at things that we did right and things that we need to improve on from this first round and see if we can't make our response better. We're also working on trying to put things together to be able to do mass dispensing vaccinations for the entire public, because when those become available we want to make sure we're getting those vaccinations out in a very timely manner."       

Thompson says so far COVID-19 has been fairly predictable. The lull being seen right now could be because social distancing or there might be a seasonal shift in how the virus is reacting.

"This is Nebraska weather and it is hot and it is humid. We know that this virus much prefers, colder, less humid environments. So even though it's able to circulate, we may be seeing where it's a little bit more difficult for it to circulate out here. We have to be prepared as we know that there will be a second wave, barring some change in what is occurring."

Even though the state is now in phase three of the directed health measure, Thompson says Nebraskans have to realize and be prepared that the DHM’s could change in a moment if there’s an increase in cases and hospitalizations.

She encourages everyone to still practice social distancing and good hygiene. If you’re sick or feel sick stay home as a precaution.

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