Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department

NORFOLK - The Elkhorn Logan Valley Public Health Department is offering some guidance as the coronavirus outbreak continues to expand.

Emergency Response Coordinator Melanie Thompson says their commitment is to keep the public safe and encouraging strict social distancing.

"Keeping at least six feet between you and the next person and that's a hard thing to do because even now we're having to stand in line to get our groceries or to get our drinks from the convenient store. That (social distancing) is a real important thing to start paying attention to because right now in our area we don't have widespread COVID-19 cases we just now have our first case in Madison County so it is something we shouldn't be panicked about."

Thompson says she’s very pleased with how all area businesses have adapted to the new recommendations installing curbside pick-up or delivery options.

She adds they also encourage frequent disinfection of surfaces in business places—including counter tops, pens, debit card machines, cash register buttons, and door handles multiple times a day.

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