NORFOLK - Northeast Nebraskans may see a couple of drones flying above power lines in the area, but are encouraged not to be worried.

Grant Otten, Media Relations Specialist for the Nebraska Public Power District says they’ve contracted with Valmont Utility to fly two drones simultaneously above power lines in different areas.

Otten says the work will start close to the Madison and Stanton County line, and then go through Pierce and Antelope Counties.

"Our contractor is going to be using drones to take photos of the line and structures along the line to identify any maintenance work that needs to be done. The alternative, is we used to send guys up in a helicopter and they would basically have high powered binoculars that would be a part of the helicopters design that they would look through to look at the lines."

Otten says the drones won’t be operating until at least 30 minutes after sunrise and will finish at least 30 minutes before sunset.

The work begins Monday and will take about five weeks to complete.

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