national children's center for rural and agricultural health and safety

MARSHFIELD, WI - About every three days, a child dies in an agriculture-related incident, and each day, at least 33 children are injured.

That’s according to the National Children’s Center for Rural and Agricultural Health and Safety.

Communications Manager Scott Heiberger says people are spending a lot more time on social media trying to stay connected, but parents shouldn’t sacrifice safety for likes and shares.

"I saw one post where two little boys probably four or five years old were climbing on the raised arm of a skid-steer like it's playground equipment. There's also pictures about how many kids you can fit on a combine tire."

Heiberger says they’re asking parents to think about what kind of signal they’re sending when they post those pictures.

For more information and to view resources for farmers, ranchers, supervisors, and media visit CultivateSafety.Org.

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