Combine Cleanout

NORFOLK - With the harvest season coming to an end, you’re reminded to do an end of the season combine cleanout.

Extension Educator for Madison, Pierce, & Antelope Counties Wayne Ohnesorg says a cleanout will reduce the likelihood of animals nesting in your combine since there wouldn’t be any grain stuck in the machine.

Ohnesorg says there are a few things you should be doing.

He says for starters run the unloading auger empty for at least one minute.

Ohnesorg adds use a leaf blower or air compressor to remove material from exterior of the combine, focusing on the head, feeder house, and axle and straw spreader at the rear of the machine.

He says also remember to close the doors to the rock trap, clean the grain elevator, and the unloading auger sump.

He says a full cleanout overall is needed for the maintenance of the machine.

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