Senator Steve Lathrop

LINCOLN - The State of Nebraska has announced an effort to reduce recidivism.

During a press conference at the Capitol Friday, Governor Pete Ricketts said they’re going to look at how to better run the department of corrections when it comes to sentencing, release, and supervision through data.

Ricketts said they’re applying for a grant through the bureau of justice administration that will pay for the study.

Senator Steve Lathrop, Chairman of the Judiciary Committee said the Crime and Justice Institute will spend six months going through computers, the justice system and probation data as well as parole and incarceration numbers.

Lathrop said CJI will break it down to see where there are bottlenecks and problems and where improvements can be made.

"Once that information is gathered, a task force will consider what the information tells us are the solutions Nebraska can and should adopt relative to the criminal justice system. That's really an important part of the process that has been missing since 2015."

Ricketts said their goal is to have the policy changes ready to go by the 2022 legislative session.

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