Congressman Adrian Smith at the border

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Adrian Smith and other members of congress recently visited the U.S. – Mexico border.

Smith tells News Talk WJAG that it was a very informative trip. They saw a lot of points on the border and they were able to ask a lot of questions.

He says they were able to visit some of the holding facilities where many of the immigrants are.

Smith says the facilities were very clean and the immigrants were treated very well.

"The new DNA testing I think is proving to be effective at verifying whether or not the children actually belong to who they are accompanied by. Children are being exploited and we want to do what we can to prevent that."

As for the border barrier that is being built, Smith says the border patrol agents have told him that they haven’t had to bring in as much outside help as the barrier is doing its job.

He says progress has been made, but there’s still work to be done.

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