Madison County Courthouse

MADISON - The Comprehensive Community Plan for the Northeast Nebraska Juvenile Partnership has been approved.

At the Madison County Board of Commissioners meeting Wednesday, Juvenile Accountability Officer Carey Hopkins discussed the plan and also the grant that covers eight area counties including Madison County.

Hopkins said the community plan looks at the needs assessment for all of the counties and then the community team gets together and highlights the needs in each county to make sure all the juveniles’ needs are covered.

"We went through the community needs assessment with the crime commission and put this community plan together. They are extending it this time and putting it through 2025 which is a little bit longer than in the past. We all know the needs are ever-changing so we will have to revise and change some of the plan."

Hopkins said she attends to seven kids at the school detention center right now, has tutoring every day as well as diversion meetings with all eight counties.

The Comprehensive Community Plan and grant memorandums of understanding were both unanimously approved in two separate motions.

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