Madison County Commissioners 2021

MADISON - Madison County wants to uniform new driveway culvert costs.

At the Board of Commissioners meeting Tuesday, Chairman Troy Uhlir said right now they pay for up to a 30 foot culvert and installation.

One of the road foremen Jeff Schroeder said availability of new culverts is becoming shorter and prices are rising which is costing taxpayers more money.

Schroeder also said it isn’t always fair that one person gets a 36 inch culvert and the next gets an 18 inch culvert.

Commissioner Ron Schmidt said continuing to provide a 30 foot tube for a culvert would be okay.

"In District one we haven't had any trouble or anyone saying no with us putting in the first 30 feet and making the property owners put in the next 10 if it's needed. If you're going to have a driveway that's going to have tractor-trailers going in and out of it, the tube should be at least 40 foot."

The commissioners agreed that they didn’t want to make a decision right away, but instead just wanted to have discussion.

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