Stop CSE

KEARNEY - The Nebraska State Board of Education is having a meeting in Kearney Friday to discuss changes to health standards taught in schools.

The Protect Nebraska Children Coalition is encouraging people to voice and send in their opposition of the health standards which includes teaching kids about sexual orientation, gender identity and gender stereotypes starting as early as elementary school.

Dr. Sue Greenwald with the Coalition and a retired pediatrician says the other thing in the standards is critical race theory which is kids being taught to hate themselves, each other, their country, and develop the urge to destroy everything.

"If you're white you're an oppressor and if you're black you're oppressed. It's very damaging and they want to move this curriculum to K-12. If you've been watching the news you've probably seen that the Biden Administration as well as Planned Parenthood and the U.N. are heavily into critical race theory K-12."

Greenwald says they hope the state board takes these things out of the draft.

She says you can go to their website, ProtectNebraskaChildren.Org to look at some sample curriculum and voice your opinion. You can also sign the petition.

In other news

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