Solar Energy Farm

FILE PHOTO of a solar energy farm.

NORFOLK - The Norfolk City Council approved a Community Solar Project Agreement at its meeting Monday night.

City Engineer Steve Rames told the council members the agreement amends the current Distribution System Lease Agreement between the Nebraska Public Power District and the City.

"We currently purchase our power here in Norfolk from NPPD under a Distribution System Lease Agreement. That terminates in about another ten years, and this solar project has about a 30-year life. In fact this agreement here would be for 30 years. What this is saying is if we walk away from our Distribution System Lease Agreement with NPPD and don't resign with them in ten years - we have to purchase out this solar program."

Rames says the project overall is an 8.5 megawatt solar unit to be constructed on land at the city’s well field.

The expectation is installation of the solar panels will begin in spring of 2021.

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