Gary Anthone

LINCOLN - Childhood and adolescent vaccinations are currently down in Nebraska likely due to coronavirus precautions.

Comparing immunization rates from January through April of last year to this year, Nebraska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gary Anthone says the data shows they’ve dropped quite a bit.

"For children under two-years-old, our immunization rates are down ten percent. For children two to seven-years-old, our immunization rates are down 32 percent and for children seven through 17, they're down 35 percent. That's quite a bit of a drop."

Anthone says the CDC recommends every child still receive their vaccinations even if they’re late as they protect against 14 serious childhood diseases.

Anthone says for children born between 1994 and 2018, vaccinations have prevented an estimated 419 million illnesses and 26.8 million hospitalizations.

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