Mature Deer Tick

LINCOLN - Ticks can be active all year round, but summer is regarded as high tick season in Nebraska.

Nebraska Extension Entomologist Jody Green says ticks are waiting to latch on to a passerby at parks, trails, lakes, or even around your home.

Green says she has received a lot of calls and emails from people attracting ticks this summer.

She says many diseases can come with ticks.

"The most important one is Lyme disease and that's transmitted by the Deer tick, and we also got the Lone Star tick. Most people in Nebraska are usually aware of this tick because it can cause the red meat allergy. If you're bitten by this tick you may have a life threatening allergic reaction after eating red meat."

Green says perform regular, full body tick checks on your person and children, and if possible, shower within two hours of coming in from outdoors.

She says you can remove ticks by using pointy tweezers, grasping the tick as close to the skin’s surface and pulling straight out.

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