Dog brought in to school

A NEBRASKA STATE Patrol dog enters the Creighton Community Public Schools late Wednesday afternoon.

CREIGHTON - Charges are pending in a bomb threat incident in Creighton Wednesday afternoon.

According to the Creighton Police Department, they were notified by the administration of Creighton Public Schools reference a bomb threat.

The threat was fairly generic but warranted action.

The Creighton Public Schools initiated the evacuation process, which included all staff and students being relocated to Faith, Hope, and Love Church which was used as a reunification site for students and parents.

All staff and students were clear of the building in minutes.

The building was cleared by law enforcement with the assistance of the three janitorial personnel, as well as, the Nebraska State Patrol K9 unit.

Law enforcement said St. Ludger’s School was also notified of the potential threat. Due to the fact that the call was received at the public school, but a specific school wasn’t stated, St Ludger’s evacuated their staff and students to the Creighton Fire Department.

St Ludger’s School was also cleared by law enforcement personnel and Nebraska State Patrol K9.

Creighton Fire Department assisted in blocking road and unification of the students and their parents.

The investigation is ongoing, however, a suspect has been identified and charges will be filed. The suspect’s name has not yet been released.

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