Downtown Norfolk

NORFOLK - The Norfolk City Council approved some changes to the downtown that were recommended by the Offstreet Vehicle Parking District #1 Advisory Board.

During Monday night’s meeting, board member Steve McNally told the council members the changes in question have been either requested by a specific landowner or business person, or a general consensus was reached on the needs.

McNally said one of the changes include the over-sale of permits by 20% in various downtown lots.

"The ones that are oversold are not overfull. It's just people moving in and moving out and speaking with everybody who's actually using the lots it was evident that we could oversell and still meet the capacity. I will note too that there's no overselling on the residential permits."

McNally adds they’re also recommending a slight rate increase from $65 a year to $80 a year.  

The council voted unanimously to approve the changes.

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