COVID-19 Impact On Businesses

LINCOLN - Nebraska businesses have been struggling to keep their doors open during the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Pete Ricketts says the Center for Public Affairs has compiled results from a survey completed by various businesses in April to see how they’ve been impacted.

"4,500 businesses responded and 87 percent said they've been impacted in a negative way. You won't be surprised to hear that some of the industries that were impacted the most were things like arts, entertainment, recreation, food services, and health care and social services. Those kind of industries were the most impacted with regard to the restrictions put in place."

Cathy Lang, state director of the Nebraska Center for Business Development says 89 percent of survey respondents said their revenue is down, but they’re working to maintain their employees and their hours.

Lang says the survey effort will continue in June with a second survey of the businesses and organizations that participated.

To view the survey in full visit UNOmaha.Edu/nebraska-business-development-center.

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