City of Norfolk

NORFOLK - Work is set to begin on the Braasch Avenue reconstruction project.

A stakeholder meeting was held Tuesday night on the different phases of the project and what will be included.

Norfolk Staff Engineer John Cahill says work will begin at 1st and Braasch and move west.

"It's more than just a street project we have utilities - water, sewer, and storm sewer - all of those will be upgraded underground as well. People won't really see that, but there's a lot of utility work. The paving will obviously follow that once that's done."

Cahill says there are no plans for a roundabout in this project.

"There's been some talk around the City as a future roundabout at the intersection of 1st and Braasch. I think there's still some discussion to be had on that, but that would be done as part of a future project. There were some talk initially about some roundabouts going in with Braasch, (but) as we worked through that project budget and we started to think how this project was going to interact with Johnson Park and all the different things that are happening downtown we decided to push those to a future project."

He adds maintaining access to properties in the project area is a key consideration of the construction design.

Work is set to start as soon as possible weather permitting with anticipated completion by the end of 2020.

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