Nebraska State Patrol

NORFOLK - As we get deeper into the fall season, the days are starting to get shorter.

The Nebraska State Patrol wants to remind you to pay extra attention during your morning commute.

Troop B Trooper John Goode says you don’t want to be in a hurry especially driving around the schools.

"It's tough to see kids darting out on the streets. You come to a crosswalks where you're obligated to stop and allow that person to walk across that roadway and you can't see the crosswalk. With school in session it's that time of year just like harvest where you got to be aware of the (kids) out there."

Goode says parents should also talk to their kids about crossing the street safely and using the crosswalks.

Trooper John Goode was a guest on News Talk WJAG’s monthly Tips from a Trooper segment.

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