Dr. Keith Vrbicky

NORFOLK - Masks. You see them everywhere now, they’re highly encouraged in public and required in numerous stores. Sure they help, but another thing that helps protect yourself from getting COVID-19 is a healthy immune system.

Dr. Keith Vrbicky in Norfolk believes the public and health officials haven’t talked enough about strengthening your immune system.

Vrbicky says proper breathing is very important and it has really come to light during this illness.

He says there’s a gas that humans produce called Nitric Oxide and you only get the benefit of it into your lungs if you breathe through your nose. You oxygenate your body 20 percent more than if you breathe through your mouth.

"That means all of the cells in our body, our immune system, brain, and heart gets 20 percent more oxygen Also we now know Nitric Oxide kills viruses. This has been proven with the rhinovirus (common cold virus), both influenza viruses, and the coronavirus."

Vrbicky says another way to boost your immune system is making sure you get plenty of Vitamin D which you can get with exposure to sunlight.

He says Vitamin C will also help boost your immune response.

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