Triple A Nebraska

LINCOLN - There can be quite a few hot days in Nebraska during the summer and it can be even hotter in parked cars.

Rose White, Public Affairs Director for Triple A says over 940 children have died in hot cars nationwide since 1990 and 88 percent of those that died from heatstroke were three years of age or younger.

White says a new bill in the Nebraska Legislature, LB832 would protect individuals from criminal and civil liability for property damage when forcible entry into a locked vehicle is required to remove and rescue a child that appears to be in imminent danger.

She says this past week, the Unicameral’s Judiciary Committee heard testimony on the bill which was introduced by Senator Bruce Bostelman of Brainard.

"It did come out of committee and is headed to the floor so we may get the bill passed this year. We're very grateful for Senator Bostelman to introduce the legislation and are very hopeful that our legislative body will pass it into law."

For more information on the bill and to follow it visit NebraskaLegislature.Gov.

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