Date 01.26.2021 Corn Beans
ADM Columbus cash 5.10/Mar 5.14
Beemer Grain cash 4.92
Bloomin Egg Bloomfield cash 4.89/Mar 4.96
Husker Ag Plainview cash 4.95/Mar 5.01
Louis Dryfus Co. cash 4.97/Mar 5.04
Walbaums cash 4.97/Mar 5.00
Wisner Elevator cash 4.91/Mar 4.91
81-20 Grain cash 4.94/Mar 4.98 cash 13.06/Mar 13.06
Agrex Inc. cash 4.98/Mar 5.12 cash 13.05/Mar 13.05
Cargill Inc. cash 5.17/Mar 5.07 cash 13.18/Mar 13.23
Central Valley Ag cash 4.92/Mar 4.96 cash 13.05/Mar 13.05
Farmers Co-op Lindsay cash 4.94/Mar 4.97 cash 13.05/Mar 13.05
Farmers Pride Battle Creek cash 4.87/Mar 4.91 cash 13.00/Mar 12.95
Farmers Pride Neligh/Oakdale cash 4.87/Mar 4.91 cash 13.00/Mar 12.95
Farmers Pride Osmond cash 4.89/Mar 4.96 cash 13.00/Mar 13.00
Farmers Pride Bloomfield cash 4.87/Mar 4.91 cash 13.00/Mar 112.95
Farmers Pride Newman Grove cash 4.87/Mar 4.91 cash 13.00/Mar 12.95
Frontier Co-op Columbus cash 4.93/Mar 5.04 cash 13.08/Mar 13.10
Frontier Co-op Tarnov cash 4.89/Mar 4.95 cash 13.03/Mar 13.05
Frontier Co-op Schuyler cash 4.93/Mar 5.01 cash 13.09/Mar 13.11
Ochsner Grain cash 4.98/Mar 5.00 cash 12.95/Mar 12.95
***Due to electronic trading
prices are subject to change without notice.
Please contact your local elevator
for the latest bids.
courtesy ford