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The following is the list of Norfolk High School student-athletes that were 2019-20 Academic All Conference selections for the Heartland Athletic Conference.


Jake Koch Softball

Makenna Waldow Softball

Sydney Rader Softball

Paeton Coler Softball

Ellie Schwede Softball

Bailey Bernstrach Softball

Brandy Unger Softball

Taylor Schmidt Softball

Mason Borgman Boys tennis

Colby Mrsny Boys tennis

Joshua Sumner Boys tennis

Jackson Schwanebeck Boys tennis

Kalen Krohn Boys tennis

Paxton Peters Girls golf

Danika Brown Girls CC

Pareena Ponniah Girls CC

Melorie Summers Girls CC

Tanner Thompson Football

Cole Long Football

Baden Luna Football

Hayden Blitch Football

Gage Dohren Football

Brayden Splater Football

Garret Henery Football

Andrew Papstein Football

Joshua Licking Football

Riley Chace Football

Toby Brudigan Football

Daylin Mallory Football

Cale Wacker Football

Matthew Protzman Boys CC

Bryson Callies Boys CC

Carson Means Boys CC

Trevor Eisenbraun Boys CC

Daniel Weitzmann Boys CC

Cole Uzzell Boys CC

Wyatt Mead Boys CC

Tristen Kittelson Boys CC

Anden Baumann Volleyball

Leah Petty Volleyball

Jordyn Schommer Volleyball

Jalen Hoffman Volleyball

Karly Kalin Volleyball

Ali Sovereign Volleyball

Erin Schwanebeck Volleyball

Anden Baumann Girls basketball

Jordyn Schommer Girls basketball

Jalen Hoffman Girls basketball

Karly Kalin Girls basketball

Chelsea Strom Girls basketball

Hailey Kleinschmit Girls basketball

Makenna Skiff Girls basketball

Agdaly Sanchez Girls basketball

Erin Schwanebeck Girls basketball

Courtney Flohr Girls swimming

Katherine Meuret Girls swimming

Morgan Herley Girls swimming

Annika Harthoorn Girls swimming

Kiran Walker Girls swimming

Maggie Waddington Girls swimming

Joslyn Jacobs Girls swimming

Cameron Korth Boys swimming

Mason Olmer Boys swimming

Ben Spray Boys swimming

Kellen Carney Boys swimming

Nate Liess Boys swimming

Ben Bugenhagen Boys swimming

Trey Foecking Boys swimming

Cameron Eisenhauer Boys basketball

Tyson Stelling Boys basketball

Nolan Strand Boys basketball

Gage Dohren Boys basketball

Isaac Heimes Boys basketball

Kallan Herman Boys basketball

Anden Baumann Girls soccer

Leah Petty Girls soccer

Reese Lowe Girls soccer

Ali Matteo Girls soccer

Mallory Easland Girls soccer

Jadyn Weber Girls soccer

Dakota Clement Girls soccer

Julie Durio Girls soccer

Macy Fundus Girls soccer

Ahnika Beltz Girls soccer

Anna Brown Girls soccer

Pareena Ponniah Girls soccer

Amber Schwanebeck Girls soccer

Erin Schwanebeck Girls soccer

Maddox Weckerle-Dietz Girls soccer

Brett O’Brien Baseball

Colby Mrsny Baseball

Brody Luhr Baseball

Nolan Strand Baseball

Ryland Bates Baseball

Colton Price Baseball

Dustin Brenden Baseball

Andrew Papstein Baseball

Grant Colligan Baseball

Jeht Stateler Baseball

Cale Wacker Baseball

Matthew Protzman Boys soccer

Cameron Eisenhauer Boys soccer

Tyson Stelling Boys soccer

Gage Dohren Boys soccer

Bryson Callies Boys soccer

Damian Romero Boys soccer

Anthony Castro Boys soccer

Ethan Mortimer Boys soccer

Jose Figueroa Boys soccer

Soe She Boys soccer

Luis Nolasco Boys soccer

Brett Reestman Boys soccer

Adrian Romero Boys soccer

Alex McDonald Boys T&F

Tanner Thompson Boys T&F

Cole Long Boys T&F

Baden Luna Boys T&F

Caleb Schoenherr Boys T&F

Hayden Blitch Boys T&F

Garret Henery Boys T&F

Braden Storovich Boys T&F

Carson Means Boys T&F

Tyler Sellin Boys T&F

Trevor Eisenbraun Boys T&F

Shon King Boys T&F

Weston Godfrey Boys T&F

Natalie Reynolds Girls tennis

Jalen Hoffman Girls tennis

Skylar Kelly Girls tennis

Jadyn Robinson Girls tennis

Allison Sumner Girls tennis

Abigail Dittmer Girls tennis

Abigail Mrsny Girls tennis

Karly Kalin Girls tennis

Sydney Reynolds Girls tennis

Jake Kluver Boys golf

Isaac Heimes Boys golf

Jordyn Schommer Boys golf

Arleth Ramirez Girls T&F

Sydney Rader Girls T&F

Rachel Schindler Girls T&F

Taylor Privett Girls T&F

Grace Day Girls T&F

Amaya Williams Girls T&F

Gemma Mendez Girls T&F

Makenna Skiff Girls T&F

Alexis Sovereign Girls T&F

Kayla Chambers Girls T&F

Elyssa Tuttle Girls T&F

Yvette Mendoza Girls T&F

Agdaly Sanchez Girls T&F

Amanda Sellin Girls T&F

Taylor Schmidt Girls T&F

Melorie Summers Girls T&F

Nealy Brummond Girls T&F

Abbigail Long Girls T&F

Brooke Burback Girls T&F

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