Preservation grant for Dederman Cabin

What was contributed? A preservation grant was awarded the the Elkhorn Valley Museum, which will fund several structural repairs to the Dederman Cabin. The Dederman Cabin, named for its builder and original inhabitant Frederick Dederman, is the oldest building in Norfolk, constructed during the area’s first wave of German settlers in the late 1860s. Now part of the Elkhorn Valley Museum collection, the museum seeks to preserve the structure, and the North Fork Questers Chapter of the National Questers Organization feel just as passionately about that endeavor.

When? June

How did the contribution come about? Secretary Peg Timmer-Kathol spearheaded the grant effort, ensuring that Norfolk receive the necessary funds to care for its oldest building. Visit for more information about the Questers' mission of preservation, restoration, and education.

Who is pictured? North Fork Questers President Karen Gray (from left), Elkhorn Valley Museum Director JoBeth Cox center and Secretary Peg Timmer-Kathol, commemorating the honor on the porch of the Dederman Cabin.