Hy-Vee and Hormel Foods
As part of Hormel Foods’ Spread the Smiles campaign, Hy-Vee and Hormel Foods partnered to donate 1,000 16-ounce jars of Skippy peanut butter to the Orphan Grain Train in Norfolk. The donation is part of a hunger program created by the makers of Skippy peanut butter in 2018. Earlier this year, Hy-Vee participated in a sales promotion with Skippy, and as a result was provided more than 11,000 pounds of peanut butter to be distributed to food banks in 11 different communities throughout its eight-state region. The Orphan Grain Train will distribute the peanut butter to local organizations. Representatives of Hy-Vee and the Orphan Grain Train participated in the presentation Tuesday morning. They are (from left) Doug Trampe, Orphan Grain Train’s warehouse manager; Tim Bruzek, Hy-Vee West store director; Grant Schmidt, Orphan Grain Train president; Gene Willers, Hy-Vee East store director; Candi Warrick, Hy-Vee East product manager; Patrick Hopkins, Hy-Vee West manager of store operations; and Paul Brandt, Orphan Grain Train assistant warehouse manager.