Masks are a huge topic of debate right now, especially when it comes to whether we should have a mandate or not. I, for one, feel like at this point in time we do need a mask mandate. A mask mandate forces people to have to wear them places. Along with having this mandate, I feel that masks in general need to be enforced more. If we are truly going to enforce masks, either everyone needs to wear them, or no one wears them, only wearing them partially really isn’t going to do much.

Having a mandate will help to keep the disease under control, and will not have everyone coughing and spitting all over each other. Another thing masks help with is if you are sick, it helps you not spread the sickness to others as easy, and I for one think that anything that can help limit the spread should be used. I myself haven’t been infected with COVID-19 or even had a close family member get it, but I really don’t want to wait around and see. I want to help protect my family as much as I can, and wearing a mask is one way I can help protect them.

Masks may not always be needed, as you do not need to wear them when at home by yourself, but it is important to wear them at other places. For example, wearing them while out shopping, or in big groups in general is important because you are around so many people who you know nothing about. While wearing masks during sports does not really have a great effect. This is due to the fact that most often or not, people will sweat when they play a sport, causing the sweat to get from one person to another and so on, causing the masks to become kind of useless.

I believe that masks are something that are needed right now and that until we can get this disease a little more under control, I feel that they will be a part of our lives for the long term.

In other news

“Land of the free.” “Pursuit of happiness.” “Equal opportunity.” For so long, the United States has boasted these ideals above all else. Basically becoming America’s selling strategy, newcomers are told they will have every opportunity offered to them here, and fairly.

Back in 2013, a movement was born after an African American teen by the name of Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, as #BlackLivesMatter was being used around on social media to promote it. During the pandemic, BLM and its importance was stressed and brought back into the realm of social med…

The fundamental tenet of the Black Lives Matter movement, which stands for racial justice and equality, is honorable, just and desperately necessary. And yet, the political controversy associated with the Black Lives Matter movement and counter-protest movements prevents unified racial progress.