Being only a junior in high school, I have not yet really gotten into trying to find scholarships. I am not looking forward to doing all the research, filling out the forms, writing the essays, etc.

I don’t really want to have to look for scholarships. I’m kind of hoping they’ll just find me. In the limited time I have used to search for scholarships, I have stumbled upon quite a few unique (no other way to describe them) scholarships.

One scholarship I found asks students to design a dress made of duct tape and wear it to prom. The Duck Brand Duct Tape, Stuck at Prom Contest requires those who enter to submit a photo of them at prom wearing the dress. People will then vote on the site for whose dress they think is designed the best. The winner with the most votes will win a whopping ten thousand dollars. I can’t see myself participating in this one, but the ten thousand dollar award has me wondering if shiny gray is my color.

Another interesting scholarship is from The Tall Clubs International Foundation. This scholarship is for anyone who is under twenty-one years old and is going to enter their first year of college. Men who apply for the scholarship must be at least 6’2” and women applying must be at least 5’10”. I’m 5’7” so I’ll have to try my luck to find a scholarship for those who are average-sized.

Another bizarre scholarship has to do with ice cream. It requires students to describe themselves with an ice cream flavor. The applicants must write a 250-word description of which ice cream flavor most closely represents them and why. I don’t know if I would be able to write even 100 hundred words about my chocolate fudge brownie personality.

After hearing about these scholarships, I’m a little less stressed out about researching and submitting scholarships.

In other news

MADISON — We’ll start this story like every other sports story, with a game. Head coach Dan Fuhs said that he was concerned about one of his players heading into this one though, an East Husker Conference tournament game against Tekamah-Herman, which had already beat the Dragons twice.

On March 1, Cody Murphree was in Thurston County Jail’s outdoor recreation area. When the jailer watching him left to check on something, Murphree climbed up a basketball hoop, loosened bolts in the fence surrounding it, creating an opening. From there, he climbed to the roof of the building…