Diane Becker, "Country Life"

Black Friday is just around the corner and Cyber Monday soon after, so it’s time to firm up your 2019 Christmas list. Here’s some ideas.

1. A Bluetooth beanie. Play your favorite music from your phone to your stocking cap with no cords. It’ll make scooping the snow off the sidewalk so much enjoyable for your teenager.

2. The self-cleaning water bottle. This bottle has a built in UV light that activates every two hours to kill 99% of all contaminants. There’s got to be a person on your list that would love to never have to wash their water bottle again.

3. If you are familiar with the Baby Shark song (doo doo doo doo doo) then you know some small child that would love the swimming, singing bath toy shark.

4. Bath salts. These aren’t your grandmother’s Epsom salts. These are pink Himalayan essential oil infused salts, and they are so supposed to do wonders for stress and sore muscles. Or make your own Epsom salt/potpourri mixture and put it in a jar for a fun homemade gift. Good luck with that.

5. Water-proof Kindle. Imagine being able to read a book while in your bathtub or hot tub and not worry about dropping it into the water. This is a game changer for the book lovers on your list.

6. A Cutito. Yes, it’s a cute little animal wrapped up in a taco except the “taco” is a little blanket that looks like a tortilla. The Cutito could turn out to be the next Beanie Baby.

7. Dog DNA test. Wouldn’t any dog owner want to know what breed their dog really is? Many there’s a little Pekingese in his dog he knew nothing about or a little Labrador. It’s a bit pricey but a good gift for the dog lover who has everything.

8. LOL Little Outrageous Surprise Doll. As I understand it, you have to peel seven layers off of an egg to get to the surprise doll inside. Buy this for the most patient child on your list.

9. A Nebraska candle. It’s part of the Homesick collection of candles that are supposed to remind you of home. I’m not sure what Nebraska smells like but this would be a good gift for a transplanted family member.

10. Mini pocket blanket. This is a tiny blanket that is folded up into a keychain- sized holder but can be popped out to lay on a bleacher when it’s rained or on a chair when you’re camping. This gift could be revolutionary for the receiver. (Buy one for yourself, too).

So there. You have no excuse this year. Happy shopping.


In other news

MADISON — A request for a trap and skeet shooting range east of Madison was postponed Wednesday by the Madison County board of commissioners after an attorney discovered the applicant for the permit was not the owner of the property.