Recently, there has been a lot going on with Afghanistan. President Joe Biden pulled American troops out of Afghanistan after the United States had been there for 20 years. He did this because he wanted to end the war over there, people were dying, more lives were at stake, it overall was a tough call. But how he did it was not necessarily the greatest.

The troops were pulled very quickly while there were still United States citizens over in the area. It was quite chaotic and many people got left, when they should have been the first ones out. Many citizens of the Afghanistan area also were left defenseless as the Taliban took over once our troops left.

Was this necessary? Yes, our troops needed to get out of there eventually. The United States cannot play world police and continue to help everyone all the time.

Was this done the best way possible? No, not in any way, shape, or form. The troops should have been the last people out, not the first. Our citizens left over there, that is who should have gotten out first. Then we pull our troops. No matter how or when we pulled the troops, the Taliban was going to come and take over the area we were protecting, the act of getting them out just needed to happen. Biden most certainly could have gone about it in a better way, a safer way, and still get everyone out of there.

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The use of a zone defense provided the Northeast Community College women’s basketball team an opportunity to win, but the Hawks came up short in a 73-66 overtime loss to North Platte Community College on Tuesday evening at the Cox Activities Center.

The following court information includes marriage licenses, domestic cases filed, criminal judgments, felony cases bound over to district court, criminal cases, civil case judgments, city ordinance violations and speeding and other violations. 

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WAYNE — Down six with just under seven minutes left in the game, Wayne State College used a comeback that culminated with a game-winning 3-pointer from Alec Millender to defeat the University of Nebraska at Kearney 67-64 on Monday night.