Diane Becker, "Country Life"

A friend and I were discussing a program or application (app) we use on our phones and I mentioned that I had over 100 apps on my phone. At this my friend stopped and looked up from her screen. You’re kidding. No, I’m not. I just counted the other day and there’s about 120 apps on my phone. She just shook her head.

Why would someone have or need that many apps? You could call it a hobby and there might be a lot of people who collect apps like me. I’m sure I have a good reason for each and every one of the ones I have.

I have my apps organized into folders. There are the exercise apps (that keep track of my exercise which are good motivators), finance apps for bank and credit card balances, book apps for online books in different formats, and shopping apps which need no explanation.

There are the weather apps which no one should be without. I have four of them — each with their own nuances. After all, if there’s a thunderstorm/blizzard/heat advisory coming, you can’t just depend on the Weather Channel app for an accurate prediction.

Then there are the 13 travel apps that include hotel reservation portals, Uber, Lyft and an airline app or two or three. You need to make a reservation to go somewhere, let me know.

There are social media apps so I can easily find Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and a few other lesser-known social media apps that are still valuable for communicating with people who only like to use those apps.

As I’m looking through these apps, I notice there are some that can be weeded out — the Etsy shopping app (can’t I just go to the website?), a real estate app, a scoreboard app, one of my two universal remote apps, and a sports teams mom communication app since I don’t have a kid on a team anymore. I still hate to delete it though.

So now not only are we to declutter our homes, we need to make it a habit to declutter our phones which means the sports team app has to go.

At last count, I left with 108 apps that I really hesitate to delete. It isn’t like they’re taking room in my closet. They’re just a little icon on my phone screen. The good thing is if you need a compass or a digital measuring app, I’ve got it covered.


In other news

WAYNE — A Wayne State comeback fell short here at Rice Auditorium on Saturday afternoon as Doane held off the Wildcat men 76-72 in nonconference basketball action.

WAYNE — Down six with just under seven minutes left in the game, Wayne State College used a comeback that culminated with a game-winning 3-pointer from Alec Millender to defeat the University of Nebraska at Kearney 67-64 on Monday night.