A drone is an aircraft that can be navigated without a human pilot on board the aerial vehicle, which pretty much means the aircraft can be flown from the ground on a remote or phone. Some drones have the specialty of cameras to be able to see at different heights and some are just for the pleasure of flying.

There have been sightings of these aircrafts throughout Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming. You may ask “what are they for?” Well, no one is for sure. Personally, I don’t have an explanation for the mysterious drone sightings, but after doing some research, there are many theories that people have publicized about it.

Theories that include: teenagers just messing around, alien invasions, military equipment, Iran spying on us and just some potentially dangerous incidents.

Even after doing research, I still can’t pick what I believe is the reason for these unknown flyers.

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2020 promised to be a banner year for the Norfolk High boys track and field program. The Panthers returned seven athletes who qualified for the state meet, including six seniors. But the coronavirus wiped out the season, leaving team members, coaches, parents and fans to contemplate what cou…

Student-athletes from around the country were coming down the stretch of the season for the winter sports and just starting their season in the spring sports, but it all came to a sudden halt.

During this crazy time in history, people are coming up with different ways to distract themselves, including humor to make people laugh and stay as positive as they can be during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Because of the coronavirus, Norfolk High School has officially shut down all activities for the 2019-20 school year. As a result, the seniors who would have participated in a spring sport will miss out on their final chances to play at the varsity level before moving on with their lives.

Appeara, a family-owned business since 1916, has seen significant expansion in its 100-plus-year existence. In November, current Appeara president, owner and general manager Bob Dudley welcomed a member of the family’s fifth generation, Brandon Keech.