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WISNER — A multi-year search for a suitable location for a new water tower in Wisner has settled on a third site that was agreed upon at a special hearing Monday evening.

No one from the public was on hand to either present arguments or express agreement, as the city council voted unanimously to purchase a .62-acre plot of land northeast of the city. This will be the third and final tract of land to be considered for placement of the tower.

The land was purchased from a longtime Wisner family, the Kanes: Dan Kane, Terry and Antoinette Kane, and Jerry Kane Jr. and is north of and adjacent to another property recently considered that belonged to Gary and Marge Bellar.

The elevation of the Kane property is lower than the Bellar property, such that construction of the tower on the Kane land will require additional height, plus extra piping. However, Wisner Mayor Chad Dixon was quick to note that the cost of the land is less than the Bellar land would have been, so the final costs will be only slightly higher than they would have been had the tower been erected on the Bellar property.

The city plans to set the tower as far to the east as possible from the road, so that fencing may not be required to separate the tower from traffic.

An easement from McGuire Hampshire Farms Inc. also was approved unanimously to obtain access to the property.

The tank will be painted white, with a band between the lower stand and tank painted in fairway green, similar to the Gator green of Wisner-Pilger Schools. Lettering at the top spelling out Wisner also will be in green.

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