How many illegal MS-13 gang members’ stabbings, murders, and gang-related crimes does it take until the United States people support securing our borders? This country is not safe right now, and immigration has been simply an issue that we’ve decided to push off for the next man in charge. America now has a government that is willing to address this horrendous issue.

President Trump has put his focus on securing our wide-open southern border, and it’s time American’s have each other’s backs and join in on this very important motion towards security. Immigration in America needs to be better monitored, and the border must be secured.

The issue in America is drugs, and these drugs are being brought across our southern border. Mexican drug cartel members are laughing at America right now as they have no issues getting across our free border. These drug cartel members are not safe. The gang MS-13 has, and continues to, take the lives of mothers, fathers, children, spouses, citizens, and innocent people.

The fact is, our border must be secured and monitored, and this will make the United States a much safer, livable, and well off country. It is time for the United States of America to wear its nametag and stand up as a united country. President Donald Trump has taken this issue head-on and it must be taken seriously by all Americans.

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PIERCE — West Point Guardian Angels Central Catholic used a pair of huge innings to turn back a stubborn Albion Boone Central team 11-5 in the C-5 district final here Saturday to claim a ticket for the 2019 Class C state tournament later this week in Hastings.